Oh me, dear me, hey me, dear me!

Dear me, hey me, dear me
Ambitions grand, dream I
The future, gaze I, dear me

Will they, these demons?
Come and see and conquer?
These demons, daze I, dear me

Will I? Will I Am? Will I not?
Still, will I rise?
Bet I, dear me.

My next obsession

Fools rush where angels fear to tread — Alexander Pope

So fine a line between savvy and jackward, they say

I say; other wise

In other wisdom, you miss all chances you don’t take


To risk it all

Like a test and control in setting

Vetting only by blood and iron and fire

In molding to form


Form follows function

Function precludes trying, and risking

In obsessing, the grunt work


Hello World!

Hi there, this is my very first post here.

And this is my new and humble abode. To begin with the domain is avalanch.me — please take note that the ‘m’ is silent, and this makes it avalanche. 😉 Recursively pointing back to my name—Avalanche!

Consider this a small home where I will be sharing unorthodox ideas and made up correlations about different facets of life. Also, it will be my labs; where I will be wrangling servers (Hello, AWS, proudly hosting this blog), and PHP and Python and JS.

I will also be cross-posting some content on my Medium blog hosted under the subdomain niinye.avalanch.me. So ready selves for more incisive storytelling about tech, career, life hacking and futurism.

It’s going to be fun. I can’t wait.